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raagini digital
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Raagini Digital

Raagini Digital
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Top Selling Electronic Tanpura
Raagini Digital is the top selling electronic Tanpura box today without any serious contenders.

Original Tanpura Tone
Raagini Digital is the only electronic Tanpura machine at delivers such high quality original Tanpura sound using the latest cutting edge technology.

Accurate Pitch
Raagini Tanpura comes with a super stable accurate and digitally tuned pitch. A quality found in no other electronic Tanpura box.

Pitch Range in Excess of 1 Octave
The Raagini Tanpura's large pitch range spans over an octave covering from A to the B of the next octave. This makes it very versatile to tune with vocalist as well as instrument.

Pancham, Madhyam & Nishad
The Raagini Electronic Tanpura machine comes with easy switch operation for selection of accurately pre tuned Pancham, Madhyam & Nishad.

Manual Nishad Tuning
In the case if Nishad, Raagini Digital Tanpura box also allows you to manually tune the Nishad to adjust to your special needs.

Hindustani & Carnatic Playing Styles
Raagini Tanpura is set to play both PA, SA, SA SA (kharaj) ( 6 matra, Carnatic music style) and PA, SA, SA, SA (kharaj) (5 matra, Hindustani style)

Harmonium like Display
Raagini Tanpura comes with a display that represents the keyboard of the harmonium to specially aid novices in setting the Sur without any hassle at all.

Fine Tuning
Raagini Tanpura is equipped with a digital fine tuning that works with immense precessions for it to tune with your instrument.

In-Built Battery Charger
The inbuilt battery charger of the Raagini Digital, charges rechargeable battery even when the electronic Tanpura is playing.

Auto Memory
The memory function helps retain your last selection even when the power is switched off. (Including that of fine tuning)

Neat, Light & Compact
Raagini Digital’s design is neat & sleek. This compact electronic Tanpura is very handy & portable weighing in about 1.7 kg only.


Reviewed by Athreya ramesh on 07-Jun-2015
Rating: four_star
Why can't you give Discount of RS.500?

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