Today the world is everyone’s playground. Technological advancement has made it a level playing field for almost everyone with access and knowledge to such developments. In the field of music, both amateurs and professionals can setup a home studio today. Your musical knowledge or theory can only do so much. Think about this a decade ago! It would have been virtually impossible, time consuming, absolutely expensive or most probably, only established professionals may have a studio of their own. All that has changed over time with the rapid development of highly sophisticated audio interface and software. Popular among these are the Presonus audio and Focusrite audio interface to help you make affordable music.

set up a home studio

Putting together your audio interface record
Whether your favourite instrument is the guitar, the keyboard, or whichever musical instrument catches your fancy, you need to have an interface that can capture that music, jazz it up with your mix, master the recordings and produce it. None of this is possible without a good audio interface. You can create basic recordings with a mic on your laptop, desktop, mobile, or tablet that are designed with a basic built-in sound card. However, the quality cannot be recreated or is unmatched when you make recordings using an audio interface like Focusrite audio interface or Presonus audio. You also have analog and digital converters like the Apogee SIOC-A8X8, which has slots that provide multiple options.

Focusrite Audio interface

An audio interface is an external sound card as opposed to earlier sound cards that were built-in with your systems. Further the interface offers a wide variety of options because of its physical size, ease of access, and its ability to support a wide range of inputs. For example, you can not only use ¼” jack inputs, but also XLR microphone inputs, which means that you have a wide variety of choices at the same high quality which an ordinary sound card cannot deliver. They also offer the option of connecting to a MIDI should you need to use a keyboard controller as well.

Connect audio interface to laptop
In order to connect your external audio interface to your devices such as a laptop or desktop, you can plug it in the USB port in your device. Most audio interfaces come with a USB port that establishes the connection between the sound card and the system. The audio interfaces that are available today like Presonus, Focusrite and others are known for their speed. Quality also comes at a price. So faster the speed and efficiency, a little more you may have to spend from your pocket. USB recording interface is ideal for musicians interested in working from the confines of their home.

USB Audio interface
The type of audio interface you need also depends on the kind of recording you are invested in. For example, if you are a podcaster, one mic for you and another mic at the most for interviews will be the maximum requirement. On the other hand, if you are a band with vocals and music, then you will need two sets of mics and two sets of outputs respectively.